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From a minor mane and tail itching and rubbing to a more severe dermatitis , DERFEN is our top product line for horse presenting sweet itch symptoms

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Learn how to prevent and find solutions for conditions like : pastern dermatitis, commonly known as scratches or mud fever and  rain rot. 


A good and natural skin moisturizer and skin repair cream is a must in your grooming kit.

 Discover Natjely ™  and Cutene .  Ideal for either tick prevention, cinch sores, old injuries , bare skin, Foal diarrhea, dandruff etc. 

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Innovative, no chemical, no water, discover our most popular fly product by Animaderm DERFLY



Midges & gnats

Deer flies


Horse flies

Black flies


Removing burrs....

Best detangler so far, tested on burrs, amazing results.

For people keeping their horses on pasture, you will know that when your horses comes up to you with burrs stuck to its body, it can be really disheartening.

Not only are burrs often difficult to remove, but doing so can break the horse's hairs. Burrs also can irritate a horse's eyes, ears and nose. 

Discover  Animaderm's new detangler Hairclen, easy to use, spray and massage it into the mane or tail of your horse and voila! Easy removal !

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Learn how to prevent horse's skin problems

About us

Double Diamond Equine , known as animaderm-canada before, is the exclusive distributor in Canada for Animaderm since 2015. We offer the complete line of natural horse skin care products as well as 10 years experience using Animaderm products with our own Canadian Horses herd at Double Diamond Ranch, BC. 

  Animaderm specializes in researching and developing innovative  dermatological (skin) products for horses. Their expertise is based on identifying unique plant- and mineral-based active ingredients to develop  solutions (creams and lotions) that are effective and easy to use.