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Natural Horse Care 

bottle of derfly , a horse fly repellent by Animaderm
Insects barrier, no deet
bottle of derfongen and jar of TEC-1, horse products for scratches in horses
Scratches, mud fever
waterproof moisturizer
bottle of hairclen, horse detangler
Detangler , no silicone
About us
horse, leaves, plantes
severals bottles of horse skin care lotions
At Double Diamond Equine, we believe that natural is better !

Double Diamond Equine has been providing natural equine skin care since 2015 and

is the exclusive distributor of Animaderm in Canada. We are passionate about providing the best natural skincare solutions for our lovely equine partners. We are committed to delivering high quality, animal friendly products that are easy to use and effective.

We believe in our product and use it on our own horses here at the ranch in BC. We have found that using Animaderm products have produced the desired results for our equine partners. The fact that the products are made from natural ingredients and free of harsh chemicals makes them even more desirable in our eyes.

Shop by Skin Condition

itchy horse on fence board

Sweet itch, or Summer Itch, is a common skin condition in horses caused by an allergic reaction to the saliva of biting insects such as midges, black flies, and mosquitoes. DERFEN lotion and cream are products specifically designed to protect and decrease allergy symptoms  on horses suffering from sweet itch. 

horse hoof in mud

Damp conditions and skin irritation lead to bacterial overgrowth, which causes redness, flaking, and crusting of the skin typically on the legs and pasterns.

Discover our solutions....

Everyday, the horse's skin is subject to aggression. Irritations due to harnesses, rain, wind, wounds, abrasions or even sunburn.

 NEVER leave depilated skin bare
In case of hair loss, it is essential to protect it from external aggressions with a moisturizing water-repellent fatty substance. However, do not use a dressing or bandage.

horse head sunset

A different way of to protect your horse from flies!

Derfly ™  creates a natural barrier to insects so they can't bite your horse. Innovative, long lasting, chemicals-free, no DEET

Safe for both human and horse! 

horse head with flies
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two Canadian horses eating grass

Keep it Natural
for your horse and for YOU!

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