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Natural skin care for Riders

Natural Horse Care 


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Many different hoof problems can occur in horses.

 RED HORSE hoof care range offers innovative solutions for common hoof problems. Made with high-quality ingredients, our products provide quick, effective and lasting results to keep hooves in top condition.


Derfly™is an innovative solution for those seeking a fly protection that actually stays on your horse! Derfly ™ is a highly effective lotion that prevents most insects from adhering to horsehair. Using a unique dry micro-wax coating, it creates a slippery surface that makes it difficult for insects to land  and bite  your horse.   

 Derfly ™ doesn't contain water,  is  waterproof and does not evaporate during hot weather or when your horse is sweating.

About us
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At Double Diamond Equine, we believe that natural is better !

Double Diamond Equine has been providing natural equine skin care since 2015 and is the exclusive distributor of Animaderm in Canada. We are passionate about providing the best natural skincare solutions for our lovely equine partners and riders. We import the best products from Europe  and are committed to delivering high quality, animal friendly products that are easy to use and effective. We believe in our products and use it on our own horses . The fact that the products are made from natural ingredients and free of harsh chemicals makes them even more desirable in our eyes. 

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Keep it Natural
for your horse and for YOU!

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