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Innovative, Effective, Easy to use , 100% Natural

Animaderm is an independent French company that specialises in researching and developing dermatological products for horses. Their expertise is based on identifying unique plant- and mineral-based active ingredients to develop  solutions (creams and lotions) that are effective and easy to use.

Ingredients we refuse to use...

  • Neem oil: Powerful insecticide. Endocrine disruptor,  carcinogen. Causes atrophy and excess mortality in young bees.  

  • Lanolin, otherwise known as "wool fat" from sheep's wool, widely used in cosmetics. Industrial production leads to severe animal abuse. Skin irritant and allergenic agent.  

  • Silicones: Because silicone is so durable, it doesn't easily biodegrade or decompose.  Nearly 500 years to be biodegraded.  

  • Paraffins and other petroleum jelly: from the distillation and refining of petroleum. Cause redness and skin reactions, such as dermatitis and eczema in the event of prolonged use.

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