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100% NATURAL LEATHER and wood conditioner made with BEEWAX and Essential Oils. Will rejuvenate and restore all your leather and wood furniture.

Will it change the colour of my leather?

​Like any product applied to leather, Beeseal may slightly darken the tone of your leather. We recommend doing a test on an invisible piece of leather. Remember , dark leather is a sign of a well nourished and hydrated leather!

Why use Beeseal?

​Over time, the leather dries out. It becomes dull, pale and dry to the touch. It can also allow water to penetrate. Beeseal protects, waterproofs and restores shine to your precious horse tack and accessories. Beeseal also leaves a slight scent of lemongrass.​

cowboy boots with beeseal  leather conditioner cream jar
conditioning leather boots

How to apply Beeseal?

You can apply Beeseal in two ways: with your hands or with a sponge. Always test a small area of ​​your leather before complete application.


  1. Apply Beeseal to dry, clean leather.

  2. Melt a small amount of Beeseal in your hands.

  3. Apply a thin layer in a circular motion to your clothing or leather accessory with your fingers, a soft cloth or a sponge. 

  4. Remove excess by rubbing lightly with a clean, dry cloth.

horse smelling a jar of canadian beeseal leather conditioner
english saddle leather conditioner Beeseal
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