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areas of horses where flies bites

Sunny days are here now, bringing with them those unwanted horse flies!   Derfly™, the innovative insect barrier , will protect your horse for up to 72 hours. Chemical free, no water and no DEET.

 For an added level of protection, use Natjely, the first ever vegetable-based vaseline,  to cover the under belly, ears and legs  in order to prevent ticks, as well as acting as an insect  barrier in the summer season. 

natjely cream, protect against horse flies
bottle of derfly, horse insect repellent
derfly bottle, horse fly protection
how Derfly, insect barrier works, by covering horse hair with a dry wax

Derfly ™ is an innovative solution for those seeking a fly protection that actually stays on your horse! Derfly ™ is a highly effective lotion that prevents most insects from adhering to horsehair. Using a unique dry micro-wax coating, it creates a slippery surface that makes it difficult for insects to land  and bite  your horse.   

Another advantage of Derfly ™ is its ability to alter the natural scent of horses using a blend of rare essential oils.

 Additionally, it is  waterproof and does not evaporate during hot weather or when your horse is sweating.

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