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Natural skin care for YOU!

Oolution, organic skin care for equestrian

High-quality Organic & Natural Cosmetics from France by Oolution

Vegan skin care cosmetics containing a mix of more than 150 organic active ingredients

100% natural

 150+ plants 



Our range of products is expanding and now includes a beautiful cosmetic natural skin care line  for consumers. After conducting thorough research, we have identified Oolution, a Paris-based company that offers 100% organic, 100% natural skin care products to be the best choice to complete our natural skin care line.
SUPERFOOD, because our skin care products are a combination of nutrient-rich super ingredients. Using oOlution skin care products means feeding your skin with nutrient-rich foods, as opposed to "junk food" and its processed foods that only provide calories that are void of nutrients.

EFFECTIVE, because it shows on your skin! Our products contain 100% active ingredients. They solve skin problems and make it more beautiful.

PERSONALIZE, because our secret is incredibly diversified formulas, unique in the world, which provide everything that each skin needs. oOlution is a global care of your skin, expert formulas of skin nutrition with advanced Research and Development to find the right synergies of plants. We provide it with the cocktail of what it needs to function optimally at all times. It's a more progressive and intelligent cosmetic.

The French natural cosmetics brand oOlution was born from Anne-Marie Gabelica's desire to create uncompromising beauty and to offer all people cosmetic products that respect the skin and the planet. The goal: to create original formulas that are completely natural, without false promises, rich in a unique variety of plants with 20 to 70 active ingredients per product, and without any fillers. oOlution incorporates more than 150 plants into its skincare products so that all skin types can be supplied with the specific nutrients that they require. At the same time, the ecological and social effects of each product are taken into account - from the formulation to the packaging, which is carried out with the help of an ecodesign study in collaboration with renowned engineers and the Agency for Ecological Transition (ADEME). This commitment was even rewarded with a prize from the French Ministry of Environment. That is why oOlution stands for what is important: recycling, the eternal cycles of resilient ecosystems and also the endless possibilities that are available - because there is still so much to do to protect our planet. oOlution is proud of their commitment and deep-set values - rightly so.

Oolution, organic skin care for equestrian
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